Thursday, January 21, 2010

Storing Tops Before Quilting

When I finish a quilt top, my usual practice is to give a good pressing, then fold and hang it on a hanger.  I then piece the back, press it, and hang with the top.  That way, they are ready to go to the long arm quilter or ready for me to quilt (I usually hand quilt the small ones) when I am ready for them.

If I have the fabric for binding, I hang that up along with the top and backing, so I don't accidently use the fabric for some other purpose.  Below, you see the backing and binding for Cider Mill, a quilt top I finished a while back but have yet to quilt.

I've found this method keeps the top from becoming too wrinkled and ensures the backing and binding fabrics get used for their designated purpose as they are taken out of stash so not in circulation for use elsewhere.  It is also a good way to store the unquilted tops as I have some hanging room in the closet in my studio, whereas the shelves are stuffed!

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  1. Cathy, I just popped in to your blog for the first time. I love this idea of hanging unfinished quilts (I have a few!). I'm definitely going to try this - looks like an easy way to see what you have. I also love your Shasta Daisy quilt - it's one on my list to do.


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