Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Curved Log Cabin Block

Here's my first block.  It is 9" finished.


My original plan was to make one of the quilts from Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts, by Judy Martin.  But the more I looked at the designs, the more intimidated I became.  And I wanted to use my Fig Tree Quilts stash, which wasn't going to work for my two favorite designs from the book, Grandpa's Log Cabin and Main Street Log Cabin.  So I decided to try a more basic curved log cabin instead.

Thank you, Internet!  How did we live without Google and Pinterest?!  I found cutting directions for the block from Quilty, as well as this video tutorial with Mary Fons on YouTube.

Just one problem!  The cutting directions are incorrect!  The longest log cut from print fabric should be 8.75", not 8.25".  Unfortunately, I found this out as I was sewing my first block, AFTER I cut all the pieces.  I now have 80 cut pieces that are too short and I already cut almost all the fabric I have in my chosen color combination.  I can always trim down those too-short pieces to work in other positions in the block but I cannot magically add half an inch.  Very upsetting.  I did manage to pull together 50 of the 80 pieces I need from the fabric I still had in the basket but have to figure out what to do about the remaining 30 pieces.

Other than that one rather major problem, the blocks are going together beautifully.  I like this method of cutting all the logs to size.  While I spent a lot of time cutting upfront, the blocks will go together pretty quickly now.


  1. Cathy, was it one particular fabric that you are short on? I have a huge Fig Tree stash and would be more than happy to send you some fabric. Let me know and I will pop it in the mail!

  2. Oh No!!! Could you maybe piece the remaining 30 strips from the too short pieces. I know it's not elegant, but that's what the pioneers would have done LOL!

  3. Cathy, Just curious, were the rest of the cutting measurements correct? Was it just the one that was wrong?


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