Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Layer Cake Friendly Quilt Patterns

I have a few layer cakes in my stash and have been pondering what to make with one or more of them.  I took some time this weekend to look through my patterns and quilting books for ideas.  I'm sure I'm not alone so though I'd share my finds with you.

First up are some patterns from Fig Tree:  Boardwalk, Butterscotch Tart, and Rosettes.  I'm planning to use Boardwalk with a layer cake from one of the Fig Tree lines.  That project is in my Fig Tree Harvest "queue."

Frosted Squares and Ruffles are patterns from The Pattern Basket.  From the photo on the cover, I thought Ruffles was made with a jelly roll but no, it is a layer cake

Schnibbles quilt patterns use charm square packs but in the two books based on the designs, directions are given for larger quilts based on layer cakes.  The problem is that you usually need two of the same layer cake for these designs and that's not what I have in my stash.  But a 10" layer cake square is the equivalent of four 5" charm squares so I could make the charm version and keep going with more blocks to make a bigger quilt. Might be an idea!

A Baker's Dozen is an anthology of different quilt designs, all based on precuts.  The cover quilt uses a jelly roll and a layer cake.

My quilt Hello Sunshine is from the pattern Changes, originally designed to be made from a layer cake.  I used fat quarters when I made Hello Sunshine but I like this design so much I am considering using it again with one of my layer cakes.

And my quilt Christmas Ribbons, was made usinga pattern called Ruby's Ribbon Box, which was originally designed for a layer cake though I used scaps.   


Fat Quarter Shop has a whole category devoted to patterns that use layer cakes.  You can find it here.   So many options and I'm no closer to making a decision!


  1. I have Boardwalk in my queue, too! That's a good selection of layer cake patterns.

  2. A terrific variety of patterns to use with layer cakes. I've been very taken with Boardwalk but have yet to purchase the pattern.

    I made Frosted Squares awhile back and it's a fun pattern.

    Thank you for sharing your search results for layer cake patterns.

  3. Wonderful selection; all of these appeal to me, too! Good taste ;0)

  4. Can't wait to see what you decide. I love those schnibbles. Books


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