Monday, January 11, 2010

Magazine Clutter - Organize It!

Do you have lots and lots of quilting magazines saved because they contain one or two projects you might get to someday?  Well, I do!  In fact, the magazines are starting to encroach on my fabric stash space so I was pretty excited by Cathe Holden's filing system designed to corral magazine clutter that I read about in the blog post found here.

I think I will set up a system similar to that described in the post, except limited to quilts and related items like tote bags.  I've already thought of categories:
  • scrap quilts
  • Christmas quilts
  • Halloween quilts
  • baby quilts
  • juvenile quilts
  • sampler quilt settings
  • star block quilts
  • quilting motifs and ideas
You get the idea.  Do any additional categories come to mind?  Please leave me a comment!


  1. I've been doing something similar for several years - only I use binders and the clear plastic page protectors. I have some additional categories: BOMs, Downloads (off the internet), bags (includes purses, pincushions, needlebooks, etc), Kits (patterns that I have already matched with fabric I have in my stash), blocks and borders(don't necessarily want to make the whole quilt- just lift elements that caught my eye), reproduction quilts, Tips and techniques(directions for mitered borders, how to figure setting triangles, etc), and then one just called favorites(can be from any category- but ones I am currently working on or want to make next.) Good luck with your organization!

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  3. have not ever seen her blog but i did take apart and save the quilt magazines I had. Mine are organized in a accordin binder.
    I forgot to add I like your dresden plate block. I am cutting fabric to make one myself.


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