Friday, June 26, 2015

Progress on La Passacaglia

I've been working on the center parts of several rosettes.  My plan is to get 6 or 7 of these done then turn one into another large rosette (there are four large rosettes in the quilt).

I'll use the second large rosette to establish the width of the quilt, then I'll have a better handle on how much more work is entailed.  I fussy cut more pieces last weekend so have a lot to work with now. Having a lot pieces cut and glued to the paper is like having a full set of crayons to color with!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Instagram Made Me Do It

Ten days ago, Miss Main Street and I set out on a road trip, driving from our home in New Jersey west to Chicago, to deliver MMS to her summer program.  She needed a place to live so we rented a furnished apartment short-term on airbnb* then drove out with the stuff she needs for the summer and got her moved in. After a day spent helping her learn her way around Chicago on the "L," I drove back home.  I'll go back to fetch her home later this summer.

While strolling one evening after dinner, we went into a Barnes & Noble store to browse and I hit the jackpot.  I had been looking for this issue of Quilt Mania (Spring 2015) after photos from the My Small World quilt-along began turning up on Instagram (search using #mysmallworldqal).  I was smitten and badly wanted to make the quilt but could not find the magazine anywhere near me or online.  Now I'm set.  The design is by Jen Kingwell.  I plan to change the orientation to "portrait" for my version, so it can hang in my kitchen quilt space.  

But it will be a while before I get to this.  I'm still working on La Passacaglia.  

*About airbnb, yes I was nervous our rental would turn out to be a scam but it was legit and so far, so good.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

La Passacaglia - Big Rosette Finished

Wow, it's been a long time since I had anything to talk about here. But on Sunday, I finished the largest of the rosettes for my La Passacaglia project.  I think it's a good one!

I like the combination of colors in this one so much that I'm going to use them as a guide or color inspiration for the rest of the quilt.  

This rosette is about 22" across (including two finished edges). That space where it looks like a bite was taken out, that's not unfinished or an error, it's where another, smaller rosette will be joined.  In many cases, the rosettes appear to be overlapping.  The "blocks" of this quilt really do fit together like puzzle pieces.  I want to make my quilt a wall hanging for my kitchen space so need to reduce it in size from the directions in the book.  I'm planning to figure that out as I go along.