Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Find - Thousands of Bolts

I found a great website for quilting fabric at terrific prices - Thousands of Bolts.  As they say on the site, "You'll know I'm crazy when you see the low prices."   Most of their quilting cotton runs about $4 per yard!

The photo shows what I bought.  I went to the site looking for some blue for a quilt backing (and found lots of 108" wide to choose from) but could not help looking at every offering browsing so ended up with a few other things too.  The green fabrics are destined for a future Christmas quilt while I am using the blue in my current "school" quilt project.  The selections tend to be from some months, even years, ago, but they are quilt shop quality from recognizable brands.  My selections came from Henry Glass, Red Rooster, South Seas Imports, and Westminister.  They have stock from all the major manufacturers, including Hoffman and Moda.

Thousands of Bolts would be a good place to check if you need more of a fabric you bought some time ago.  They just might have it. 


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