Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Double Wedding Ring Update - Living Large

My Double Wedding Ring quilt project is really taking shape now.  Lest you think this is the quilt project that takes a lifetime, I want to reassure you that it is not as daunting and time consuming as my project schedule might lead you to believe.  I've had some unusual demands on my time this summer (nothing bad) so haven't been sewing as much or as often as I would like.  If I'd been able to keep to my usual pace, this quilt would be finished by now.

In my last post on this project, I mentioned my dilemma over size.  I had just realized that a quilt big enough for our bed would entail making a lot more blocks than I had planned.  I decided to stick with the bed size plan.  The soft colors in this quilt (much of the fabric is from the Paris Flea Market line by 3 Sisters for Moda) fits our bedroom better than any other room in the house so I am going to persevere and go for the larger size quilt.

The photo above shows four rows of the quilt completed.  I have the clamshell blocks sewn together in rows but have not joined the rows together yet.  Nor have I pressed (following the directions that say not to iron yet), hence the rumpled appearance. But I figure I am over the hump, past the halfway point to a finished flimsy.

I've already planned my next two projects out in my head and they will be smaller.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Playing Catch-Up

I never meant to be away from the blog so long but I've been doing a lot of this lately.

Can you see me waving from the window?  My best trip was to Seattle.  I went for a conference, arriving a few days early to fit in some personal travel time.  

This old building in the Pioneer Square area holds a bakery cafe - yummy food.

The Utilitkilt store in Pioneer Square.  Kilts aren't just for Scotsmen any more!

The Public Market in Pike Place - a wonderful place to visit, like a farmer's market on steroids.  Lots of food, lots of flowers, even crafts.

All Saints store, across the street from Nordstrom's.  The glare in the window makes it hard to see but all the store windows were full of old sewing machines. 

At Chihuly Garden & Glass; this is a glass ceiling.  I loved this place, full of inspiration.

This installation in a giant glass green house was my favorite. 

This may be the inspiration for a quilt!
This hasn't been the summer of quilting for me, especially with all the travel, but I have made some progress on my Double Wedding Ring project.  I finished many more clamshell blocks and have a plan for the entire quilt.  More on this project very soon.