Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Great Granny Squared Finished Flimsy

While I was working on the blocks below, and had the fabric out, I went ahead and cut out a second quilt.

The second quilt is Great Granny Squared, by Lori Holt.  The book came out in 2014 and there was a sew along at the time for blogging quilters.  I liked the design and put it on my to-make list, and here I am, six years later, with the quilt top made.

The fabrics I used are mostly even older than the quilt design.  I think most are from some 3 Sisters lines for Moda called Paris Flea Market and Seaside Rose, with some other similar and complementary prints added. I remember making a big Paris Flea Market purchase at my LQS, I think it was in 2004, and I made several quilts from the line before now but still have plenty of fabric left.

The blocks are pretty easy, I think even a beginner could handle them.  The background pieces at the edges (white in the block below) are cut oversize.  You sew the pieces together in rows, then join the rows and then trim down with a 12.5" square ruler.  All the blocks end up perfectly sized, just add the sashing, and voila!  

The original design incorporates cornerstones and a pieced border but I left those elements out.  With 20 blocks, my quilt is roughly 58" by 72" which is big enough for a throw.  

This was a totally from stash quilt for me, even the background (Kona Snow) and the backing fabric came from my stash, so this quilt and the original one I'm still piecing are making a nice dent in my stash.  But it is amazing how much of this fabric I still have on hand!

I mailed the top and backing to my long arm quilter; while she works on it, I need to come up with a name.  Any suggestions?

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday Finds - Book Edition

I'm a bookworm, with a preference for historical fiction and mysteries.  But not just any mysteries, I'm not keen on the first-person, psycho narrator type that have been popular for the past few years.   I like to have a detective (preferably connected to the police), interesting characters, and nothing too gory.

I recently found the works of Peter Grainger and love them.  The first in the series is called An Accidental Death.  We are introduced to Detective Sergeant David Smith (aka "DC"), a veteran detective nearing retirement age, based in Norfolk, England.  He is often given a case that the boss thinks could be wound up in a day or two, but DC finds evidence of a more complicated situation.

The characters are well-written, there is a little humor and wit, and interesting plots that aren't predictable.  As of now, they appear to be available only in Kindle and audio formats and the Kindle price is very reasonable.  I strongly recommend the series to my fellow mystery readers!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Inspiring Studio Tour

I saw a video tour of Edyta Sitar's studio on YouTube.  She is the pattern and fabric designer behind Laundry Basket Quilts and what a space she has!  

I was not only envious of her studio, I saw some quilts there that I would like to make.  So after viewing, I shifted over to her online shop and here is my haul.

I got the patterns for Wildflower, Dot Dot Dot, and Illuminate.  I was really drooling over Dot Dot Dot in the studio tour video and it is moving high up on my to-make list.  First step is to cut a circle out of nearly every piece of fabric in my stash, lol.  I don't have Edyta's stash so will allow myself to make this over a long period of time.  The first decision I need to make is machine or hand applique. I'm leaning towards hand applique and making this my portable project one I finish Flowers for Emma.  

I bought the blue floral toile for the border and will use one of the two blue mini dot prints for the binding.  The low volume fabrics are from a fabric bundle called Marshmallow Lights; they will augment my stash for the background.  

Wildflower and Illuminate will wait until "later."  

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