Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thinking Ahead

While pulling fabrics to use in Jubilee, I got a good look at what is left in the basket of Fig Tree fabric.  I have a number of fat quarters, a few from one collection and a few from another.  I have a lot of partial fat quarters, used in one of the quilts but not used up completely.  And then I have a lot of lights. 

In each of the Fig Tree Harvest quilts I've made so far, I've used a single background fabric.  The lighter prints from the fat quarter bundles haven't fit into any of the projects so far, and there are quite a number of them left.  I started thinking ahead to what I could do with them.  At the moment, I'm thinking Log Cabin, with these lights as the light side of the block and scraps from the brown, caramel, green, and red fat quarters for the other side of the block. 
Of course, I've been known to change my mind!


  1. Great idea and would look really nice done up that way. Love it when I come up with a plan and use fabrics that I am not sure where to put!
    Can't wait to see the start of these.

  2. I have the same situation. Two tubs of Fig Tree fabrics from the past six or eight years, and half of them are those lights that don't seem to easily work into the mix of things. A log cabin would be the perfect solution for using them up! Great idea Cathy.

  3. Sounds like a good plan! It'll be beautiful!

  4. They are all beautiful light fabrics. I think they'd look fantastic in a Log Cabin quilt. Your color combination sounds lovely!

  5. The lights all blend so well together. I can picture a log cabin design.


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