Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Quick Curves For Real

I'm using the Quick Curves Ruler and Metro Waves pattern from Jenny Pedigo for my current project.  Monday's post was about my test/learning block.  Today, I start on the real quilt.

First, I read the instructions in the pattern.  And there I hit the first snag.  She designed the pattern so that the waves in every other row are pieced with a seam running through them horizontally.  This allows the quilt to be constructed from conventional rectangular blocks but I don't like the idea of all those seams breaking up the pattern on the fabric, especially when I chose this design to really show off the fabric.  I can see where it works with the solids in the pattern cover example quilt, especially when coupled with Jenny's dense machine quilting (if you want to be inspired by machine quilting, just visit her blog, SewKindofWonderful), but I don't think it would be a good look for my project. 

So I quickly developed construction Plan B.  I cut out all the curved pieces and am sewing them together in vertical rows that I will then sew together into the quilt top.  I did not have any trouble sewing the curves together using Jenny's no-pin technique.  Except when I finished, my strip was kind of puffy looking and did not lie flat. 

But that's nothing a good pressing could not take care of.  The picture below is after pressing all the seams in one direction with a little spray starch. 

So far, so good.   Just need to keep at it.


  1. I like it! Very pretty! Great use of scraps! I have the ruler and I think she should post a note on how to make these without seams, as you did!

  2. I love the fabrics and the pattern. Look forward to seeing your finished will be beautiful.

  3. Very pretty so far.


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