Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New York City Quilt Shop - The City Quilter

On Saturday, Miss Main Street and I went on a mother-daughter pre-college outing to New York City (a bit over an hour by train from where we live in NJ).  We were in the neighborhood of the The City Quilter so stopped in. 

Miss Main Street grabbed the husband chair and used the time to check her Twitter feed.  I looked around.  The store has lots of NYC-themed fabric (most of it of their own design), plus a selection of just about everything else in quilting fabric.  The quilts below were displayed in the batitks and Asian section.

The quilt hanging below was made from batik fabric and used a pleating technique from the book Modern Neutrals.

Even though the shop is relatively small, the selection is quite good and I managed to find a few things I had to have.  Two yards of a neutral that looked like a good background fabric and this charm pack of aobut 100 different solid colors, from the Michael Miller Cotton Couture line.  I'm not sure what I will do with it but could not resist.

Then I saw a sample on display, a wallet made using a special metal frame.  I bought the pattern and the frame.  I'm thinking of adapting the pattern to make something that will hold hand sewing supplies.

Leaving City Quilter, we went to a flea market.  We didn't see anything worth buying but did catch a few people dressed in ways that could be called performance art.  We then made our way to Chelsea Market.  This place is worth a visit if you are in the area.  Besides the eateries and food vendors, there are some artisans selling their wares as well as an Anthropologie store.
We capped the day with tea at Bosie Tea Parlor in the West Village.  Great tea (many varieties on the menu), with small sandwiches, scones, macarons (salted caramel is their most popular flavor), and pastries.  A good place to rest your feet and have a chat. 
I'll miss my girl but she is so ready, and so excited, for college.


  1. Thanks for sharing such fun places to visit. NYC is on my list.

  2. I was just in New York and really wanted to visit this shop and take a tour of the Chelsea Market, but I didn't want to do it alone. It looks like a great shop, though, and you sure found some nice things.

  3. I just love that look on your daughters face ! "Really mom?".. LOL I have seen that look from my 16 yr old daughter, when I stop at a quilt shop..Thanks for sharing your trip to NY, and quilt shops.

  4. You're so lucky you live so close to NYC -- it looks like you girls had a good time! Thanks for the link to Chelsea Market -- I have a trip SOON and it's been on my list to look it up!

  5. Miss Main Street looks so thrilled to be in a quilt shop. Like so lame Mum were in NYC and you wanna go fabric shopping? Lol. I hope she is doing well in such a big daunting place and you are coping without her at home.


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