Friday, August 16, 2013

Metro Waves - Ta-Da!

Yes, I turned this pile of curved pieces of fabric...

...into this quilt top.  (It is hanging a little wonkily from the clips on the rod but I assure you, it looks better in person.)  It is 36" by 50".  I still need a name.

How about a close-up?  After a better pressing and, of course, quilting, the vertical seams will not be as apparent.  It will become a baby quilt, to be held in reserve until needed.  I still need to trim the top and bottom straight.  Is that something I should do before or after quilting?

I used the Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful to cut the pieces for this quilt top.  And a combination of the Metro Wave pattern, Jenny's instructional videos, and my own creativity to get it all together.   I have some cut curves left over.  I am thinking of turning them into a pillow sham.
Sewing the curves is really not difficult.  This ruler has opened up a whole new world of curved piecing to me.  What will be next?


  1. Just bought the pattern and ruler last week. I'm excited to get started on something fun!

  2. How about naming it Rock a By Sweet Baby?

  3. This is beautiful!!! I love how much you can do with the ruler and how easy it makes curved piecing:-)

  4. It looks beautiful! Some baby girl is very lucky to receive it. I'd probably wait til after quilting to square it up, but I'm no expert or even experienced.


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