Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Love

One quilt top partially made and I've convinced myself that sewing curves is no big deal so why not make a double wedding ring quilt.  Why not?  In fact, I'm so in love with the double wedding ring that I wasted spent a few hours one evening viewing quilts on Google Images and Pinterest to get ideas. 

How about this one?  Or this one?  (Click over to see then come back because I have more to talk about.) 

Sew Kind of Wonderful (designer of the Quick Curves Ruler I'm using for my Waves quilt) has several takes on the double wedding ring:
So I could make a version using my Quick Curves Ruler and one of Jenny's patterns.  But I've also found several ruler/template sets made especially for the double wedding ring design.  Creative Grids has one, Simplicity has one (looks a bit odd), and Marti Michell has one.   There are also dies from AccuQuilt Go but they fit the larger machine only whereas I have the Go Baby model. 
If anyone has used one of these, I'd like to know what you think of it.  I like that the Marti Michell version can be used to make some other designs, like orange peel and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.  Oh boy, so many choices!


  1. Jennie's #3 is my pick. But you are about to get me hooked on Pinterest. I have been avoiding going there in the past. I already spend too much time reading blogs but goodness she has some beautiful quilts on there. I've never used these but I find I don't like templates, would rather use a ruler.

  2. Your examples today were really interesting and unique. I'd have a hard time choosing too. Haven't used any of the templates. Hope someone else can give you recommendations.

  3. You've become so confident with curves, good on you! I avoid them like the plague. It's not the cutting/ruler side of things, it's the sewing that scares me.

  4. I love the q-c-ruler I bought one last month I am going to do a xmas red white and grey but I also am thinking about the ease of the
    rings I have the dwr for the accuquilt and have done one and have another started worth every penny to not cut those parts and I have a pieced pattern

  5. I don't know if you've decided on something yet, but I came across your blog while researching DWR templates and I think I've settled on the Creative Grids one. I think which one you pick depends in part how anal you are about your rings. The Simplicity and AccuQuilt ones both have squares where the rings overlap, which results in not-quite circular rings. The Marti Michell one doesn't have that problem, but the other designs made by the extra template will result in squashed circles as well. The CG one doesn't come with a pieced template for the actual rings, but I think paper piecing is the way to go on that anyway.

    Good luck! I've made one DWR with a precut kit and swore I wouldn't make another, but that Metro Lattice quilt has me so inspired I'm eating my words.


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