Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Year Ahead In Quilting

I like to set myself some goals when it comes to quilting, partly because I am just oriented that way and have goals and lists for everything, but mainly to ensure I develop as a quilter.  Rather than make the same easy quilts over and over in different color combinations, I want to be sure I develop new skills, like piecing curves and hand applique.  So these goals are about stretching my current skills and developing new ones, not about the number of quilts completed. 

Though I still want to be able to follow a whim and make a specific quilt when the spirit moves me (or, rather, I see something online or in a magazine).  So I don't plan ahead in too much detail.

Pinterest is a perfect tool for my planning purposes.  I recently updated my board formerly known as Quilts To Make in 2013; it is now Quilts To Make in 2014!   I subtracted some pictures, like those that inspired quilts I actually did make in 2013 as well as those that I no longer feel any great longing to make.  And I added some new pictures. 

At the top of my list I have:

  1. a log cabin quilt - a way to use the scraps left in my Fig Tree basket
  2. something curvy - using the Quick Curves Ruler I bought a few months ago
  3. a small project - like pillow shams and/or a sewing machine cover
  4. a bright, fresh color combination - I love the gray, aqua, and lime green combo

And I'm giving myself some leeway to act on a whim, should a new pattern, picture, or fabric grouping catch my fancy. 

Let's not mention the UFOs, PIGS, and other well-intentioned but never fnished projects I have around here.  No, let's not mention them.


  1. I love your idea for using Pinterest to collect pictures of "wanna make" quilts. I think I may copy your idea, because right now I have pictures all over the place - in a looseleaf binder, on the hard drives of 2 computers and in a box. I think I'd like to get them organized together, if, for no other reason, than it will be helpful for my sister when choosing a new quilt pattern for me to make.
    As for those works-in-process, I have kind of a funny story. I have been diligently working and working to finish 2 quilts asap. Well, they didn't get done right when I wanted them to (nothing ever does, I am a very slow quilt maker), but I finished them both yesterday while watching the Rose Bowl (Go MSU!!!). So, I've started 2014 with 2 finishes. Amazing.

  2. I noticed how you put something on your list from your never ending Fig Tree fabric basket!

  3. ok .... what's a PIG? must've missed that somewhere!

  4. Great idea to create a board for your quilt wish list - think I might try that. Maybe it will help me stay focused. By the way, what are PIGS (as compared to pigs...)?


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