Monday, January 20, 2014


Not much quilting going on here on Main Street so far this year because I was on Hawaii.

We spent six days on Waikiki Beach (where these photos were taken) and six days on Kauai.  It was fantastic!

We flew out just ahead of the polar vortex that so severely impacted travel.  We came home Wednesday to normal winter weather in NJ, but it feels polar after the warmth of Hawaii.

In the days since we returned, I've been adjusting to more than just the weather.  There's also the time difference (5 hours) and resumption of work to contend with.  But I'm adjusted now and ready to get back to quilting. 

JoAnne, The Patriotic Quilter, was a big help in planning the trip.  She used to live in Hawaii and had some good tips for us.  I know for many, January is the official month to declutter and reorganize; JoAnne just had a great post on her wonderul new storage system for fat quarters.  You might get some ideas to use in your sewing room.

I'll be back soon to tell you about the quilting store I visited in Kauai.


  1. I'm so, so glad that you had a wonderful time! I was more than willing to give any advice. Your photos are making me miss it so much, especially the second one of Waikiki, looking down towards the Hilton. We spent so much time at the Hale Koa, next to the Hilton--going almost every Friday night for the fireworks.

  2. Welcome Back! How fun to escape in the winter. Sadly, more polar weather is on the way -- I hope you took lots of pictures to warm you up LOL!

  3. Which Island did you like best. We were in Waikiki a few years back. My husband would like to go back. I was thinking next winter. How was Kauki.
    We live in NB and I know what you mean about the time change.


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