Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Finish of the Year!

I squeezed in one last fnish this year.  It is my blue and gold version of Denyse Schmidt's Point Me pattern. 

I pieced this quilt in the late winer/early spring, when I made two blue-and-gold quilts in rapid succession.  For this quilt, I used a dark navy solid fabric with yellow and gold fabric triangles, and used a lighter navy solid in the other quilt.  I like to make a quilt in the school colors for the Parents' Association fundraiser auction at my daughter's school each year.  I donated Falcons In Flight to the auction in 2013, reserving the Point Me flimsy for 2014. 

Even though Miss Main Street has graduated and moved on to college, I still like to help out.  I've got to quilt and we certainly have more than we need so why not make one for this cause that means a lot to me.

This is a close-up of the quilting on Point Me.  It gives the large open spaces a nice texture.  I bound the quilt over the Christmas holiday.  All I need now is the label, but before I can make the label, I need a name for the quilt.  I'm thinking of Point Me in the Right Direction.


  1. Your title speaks to the reason for your donation. The simplicity of the design and the contrasting colors are extremely pleasing and modern. It should appeal to many and bring a lot of $.

  2. That is just beautiful! I just love the quilting on Point Me. I hope it went to a good home! What size are the triangles?


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