Monday, January 27, 2014

Still Christmas

The Christmas decorations have been put away but in my sewing room, it still looks like Christmas.  After a hiatus of several weeks  for holiday celebrating and vacation, I'm back at work on the Christmas Quilt of 2014.

I finished all of these units.  I just need to trim them to size, then four units get combined into one block. 

If you recall my last post on this project, trimming is the tricky part as a result of the pattern directions for this step being rather incomplete.  But I think I've developed a good method to ensure I cut to the correct size, with the block centered accurately, so trimming will be my week night project this week.  Then I can join the blocks over Super Bowl weekend.  And that will be real progress.


  1. Looks like fun! You're so smart to get a jumpstart on a Christmas quilt. I pulled Christmas fabrics for a quilt right around the holidays -- they're still sitting in a pile. ;-(

  2. Great idea to make a Christmas quilt this time of year. Now it will be ready for you to enjoy during the holidays

  3. There's still plenty of cold and snow to keep you thinking about hohoho. (Sorry, it just seemed to flow). :0)


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