Monday, January 17, 2011

We're Going To Paris

I didn't do as much quilting this weekend as I expected because I was side-tracked by another project - planning our vacation.  We are going to Paris in March, during the school spring break!  It is very exciting!

I've been to Paris before, first when I was nine years old and later as an adult but that was almost 20 years ago.  We have guide books and I know all the major sites that I want to see.  But leave a comment or send me an email if you know of any place I should go that a quilter would love. 


  1. Hi Cathy, Tried posting this comment earlier but I wasn't sure it worked so I thought I would try again. I am from Michigan and also a mom to a teenage daughter and am also going to Paris (first time for me) over spring break! Have you heard there is a quilt shop in Paris near Notre Dame called Le Rouvray owned by a Michigan native? Thought you might want to visit - I plan to. Just discovered your blog through another quilter's link - love your quilts!

  2. Hi Cathy (and anonymous), What a coincidence! We have planned too a trip to Paris from 16-20 march and will visit Le Rouvray. Arround the Sacre Coeur are also a lot of fabric shops. Place de Vosgne is a great place to visit beautifull art galleries and you certainly must taste the icecream at Amorino (rue Soufflot, 5e arr.) and don't forget to taste the tipical French maccarons in all of its mad colours.


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