Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Year, I Want To Make...

I've decided that this year's goals will be a bit more general than 2010's To Do List.  That's because my first goal is...

1.  Allow myself to work on what interests me at the moment and put aside a project if I no longer "feel the love."  This is a hobby, not work, and I should use the limited time I can devote to it doing what I really want to do.  Only problem is that this may be somewhat at odds with goal #2...

2.  Work on projects on more of a one-at-a-time basis to keep the chaos at bay, and clean up the "studio" between projects.  I'm taking a cue from Thelma, who adheres to this clean-up-between-projects rule and has a wonderfully organized sewing space.

3.  Make progress on my Christmas quilts collection.  While decorating for Christmas, I got the idea to display a collection of Christmas quilts on my second floor landing.  This is what usually hangs there.

I will need to make at least four more quilts to give it a "Christmasy" look.  So look for a repeat of my Christmas in July Christmas sewing marathon.  Though I don't think I'll be making them all in one year.

4.  Expand skill set by trying something new, or relatively new, to me.  I am thinking either applique or equilateral triangles, but don't have a definite project in mind yet.

5.  Make a major dent in my backlogged projects.  A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about organizing some of my projects.  These are not quilt UFOs; to qualify as "unfinished" a project has to have been started in the first place.  I think these might more properly be called PIGS - projects in grocery sacks, except in my case they are in dry cleaner bags.  I have seven projects for which I bought all the materials but never started.  I need to get some of these done before I give myself permission to add more.

I think five goals are quite enough for one year, especially given Goal #1.

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  1. My goal is to finish organizing my sewing/computer/craft room. It's almost done. The size of our recycle bin has been my limiting factor! Then I will inventory my UFOs and PIGS followed by organizing my stash in some form or fashion. Then I will prioritize my projects - first those that are promised to others; then by proximity to being finished. I will need some instant gratification by then!


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