Thursday, January 6, 2011

Straight From Pottery Barn - Decorating with Sewing Machines

It's a style first!  I was there before Pottery Barn!  Probably you were too.

Pottery Barn is now selling "an icon of cottage industry," vintage sewing machines as a decorator item.  Makes a great table topper!  And only $199!

And I thought my quilting projects were getting in the way of our home's decor!  Little did I know, these projects are the decor!  Of course, my usual machine is not vintage.  But I have another one that could qualify and my mother has a Brother sewing machine from the mid 50's.  And I know she never uses it to sew (she brings it all to me to do for her).  That Brother is just waiting to become a decorator object!

(far too neat to be a real sewing space) 

Combine with some piles of fabric to make it more authentic.  If you really like this decorating idea, you can get one on eBay for a lot less than $199.  I like this vintage Singer.

What will be next?  Omnigrid rulers as wall art?


  1. I had missed this "new" Pottery Barn item, they send me catalogs every week....for once I'm ahead of the latest trend. Great post, nice change of pace!

  2. I'm ahead too, I have my featherweight, Singer crank and my Grandmas Treadle in my living room as part of my decor.

  3. Funny...I read Pottery Barn catalogs, too...but hadn't noticed this! Your post was really fun to read!

  4. I wasn't even aware that my decorating was "ahead of the times"...thanks for sharing!!


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