Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Learn-To-Applique DVDs

I want to teach myself how to hand applique.  Do you know of a good instructional DVD or book?  I found this Piece O'Cake one on Amazon.com and it has good reviews, but I cannot find any information on the actual techniques it teaches other than that it covers both machine and hand applique.

I have a specific project in mind and think the starch method might work.  I made a quilt using the starch method a few years ago but the pieces were large and simple; the new project is more complicated.  My only other foray into applique was Shasta Daisy, made in 2009, using machine button-hole stitch.

If you have any advice, please do leave a comment!


  1. Hi There,
    Before you purchase it on Amazon, check out Connecting Threads. They have great prices on books!
    Best of Luck

  2. I really enjoy doing hand applique. Doing it the Piece of Cake way (like the DVD you're referring to) is a great way.

    Check out Wendy's blog http://snippetsofaquilter.blogspot.com she has a great freezer paper tutorial on her sidebar.

  3. I like this DVD, but I don't really do all of the extra's like the overlay and marking, but have you seen Karen Kay Buckley's DVD? It's really good too. Here's a link http://www.karenkaybuckley.com/store.php?cat=1

  4. I have this DVD and really like it. It teaches the needleturn method. I also have the Karen Kay Buckley DVD, which teaches the starch method. Both are good and have excellent instruction; it just depends on which method you'd prefer to learn. (I think needleturn is quicker for most shapes.)


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