Friday, May 7, 2010

MIA No Longer!

Time flies and I did not even realize how long it had been since I last blogged.  I even missed Wednesday Weigh-In.  Oh well, maybe I'll have something good to report next Wednesday.

Between my mom's visit, jury duty, and an overload of work at work, I have not been doing anything of a quilting nature, except for day dreaming about starting a new project.  And I just might this weekend.  Along with some work on a binding.  But I also have these to read:

Quiltmaker's Small Quilts (I think this is a special edition) and the semi-annual Quilt Sampler.  There are several projects that caught my eye in Small Quilts, particularly Carrie Nelsons quilt.  And I am especially fond of Quilt Sampler.  I think I have most of the editions they've published.

Have a good weekend!  I'll try to make it back here by Monday, with something good to show you.


  1. Welcome back! :-) I'm still searching for those two magazines. I love Quilt Sampler and like you, I believe I have every issue.

  2. I went looking for both those magazines but struck out. We get new magazines on Tuesdays in my little neck of the woods, hopefully they'll make it this week. Enjoy!

    Happy Mothers Day!


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