Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring Quilt Market Inspiration

I am fascinated by the semi-annual Quilt Market.  The 2010 Spring edition was held in Minneapolis this past weekend.  Thankfully, the quilt trade people attendees include a number of bloggers who satisfy our curiosity by posting photos on their blogs  (THANK YOU!!). 

Now that I have my own kaleidoscope quilt in the works (very slow and sporadic progress), I notice them all over the place, and the photos from Spring Quilt Market were no exception.  Fig Tree has what appears to be a version of a kaleidoscope, called Saltwater Taffy.   This could be fortunate because I've noticed the Fig Tree designer often finds an easier, simpler, quicker way to construct traditional blocks.

Then there is the cover of Quiltmania Magazine.

I like the color placement and way the blocks form a border. 

It all inspires me to get back to my own version and make some more progress.

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