Thursday, April 29, 2010

Studio, Transformed



The bed looks more inviting.  Someone could actually sleep in it!

Piles of "stuff" gone and one leaf of the table down, to make more floorspace.  I must confess, some supplies are hidden under the table.

Tubs of fabric.  One of my goals is to whittle my stash down so I don't need to keep these plastic containers in the room.  But for now, the closet shelves are full of fabric and I have the five bins you see here, plus three more in the attic.

This shelving unit is on the wall opposite the bed.  It holds quite a lot, including most of my quilting books and magazines.  The cabinet at the bottom holds fabric.  I'd like to put the magazines there, but need to use the fabric first.  The little white dress is a vintage embroidered baby dress hung on a small hanger; just for decoration.  I need to start a shelf-o-joy.  And I need to make a wall hanging for the wall behind the bed.

Sometimes I refer to this room as the orphan furniture room.  All the furniture had a different purpose originally.  The shelving units, curtains and shams came from my bachelorette condo, the sewing table was my dining room table in my first apartment, and the chair was my husband's childhood desk chair.  Sometime, I'd like to get a "real" sewing table, the kind where the sewing machine sinks into it so the sewing surface is flush with the table.  But that will have to wait until I have a dedicated studio, that does not have to double as a guest room.


  1. It looks wonderful - pat yourself on the back!

  2. It looks great! My sewing room is also the guest room so I understand your situation very well. I, too, would love to have a "real" sewing table. Mine is our old dining room table and for now, I'm just thankful that I could fit it in the room!

  3. I loved seeing your special space!

  4. Great sewing space! I don't have a bed in my room anymore...........more room for fabric!


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