Friday, April 16, 2010

Studio Clean-up Giveaway #1

As I clean up my studio, so it can revert to its other purpose as guest room in time for my mother's arrival, I have come across some things that I have to admit I will never use.  So, giveaway time!

Do you remember my Aquarium quilt?

It took a lot of searching, and several orders placed online, to locate all the "fish" fabrics for it.  And I ordered several that I never used.  I don't anticipate using them, at least in the near future, so they have become part of my de-stashing program.

The result is that these three pieces of fabric need a new home.  Be the first to leave a comment saying you want them and you get them!  Just be sure that your aren't "no reply" so I can email you for your address.  (Don't leave your address in the comment; I'm not sure that is a safe practice.)

There is about a yard of each of the three pieces.  The fabric at the top has what I think are whales on a blue watery background, the center piece is tropical fish, and the bottom piece has dolphins with small fish, seaweed, and coral on a blue, watery background.  (I used this fabric in the turquoise colorway in my wallhanging.)

And check back tomorrow or the next day for another de-stashing giveaway!

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  1. Ok, my first comment seems to have disappeared, so I'll try this again. I love marine life, so I'd love to give these fabrics a new home. Thank you for offering them!


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