Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In - Recalculating

Our old scale was, as my daughter puts it, a friendly scale. It did not want to hurt our feelings so it shaved off a pound or two (or five) to make us feel better.  Our new scale is stern and precise and tells us like it is.  Here is our new scale:

It tells me my weight, in nice big digits, to the tenth of a pound.  And with the change in scales, I am, as the GPS voice says, "Recalculating!"  Or maybe I should say, "starting over."  So, starting with debut of the new scale, stats are:

Lost this week:  0.0 pounds
Lost to date:  0.0 pounds

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  1. Congratulations on even getting on a scale and Good Luck with your fresh start!


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