Saturday, March 13, 2010

Inspiration Board

I have this inspiration board in my studio.  It is a framed corkboard that I bought from Ballard Designs.  I also have a file of clippings of inspiration so every once in a while, I go through the file and change the contents of the inspiration board, updating it to reflect what I like right now.  A picture can be there for one of many reasons:  I like the colors, the setting, the border treatment, the whole quilt.  Having it near where I sew and quilt also serves as a reminder that I want to incorporate it in some way into a project.

In the upper left is a photo of a quilt appliqued with hollyhocks.  It's been there a while; I love it but my applique skills are not up to the task yet.  But something like that would make a good wallhanging for my kitchen so maybe some day.  The upper right has several pictures of blue and white quilts that are serving as inspiration for my planned turquoise quilt.  I'll be getting to that later this year.  At the bottom is my Schnibbles pattern for Madeline and a post-it note "memo to self" about an alternate color combination for it.  I even have a postcard from Vera Bradley with a ruffled purse that caught my eye.

Do you have an inspiration board?  Or an inspiration file?

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