Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In - The GOOD and the BAD

The Good - We went to a party at some friends' house on Saturday evening and I wore a pair of my formerly too tight pants.  Except now they are not too tight!  That was a sign that I've made progress and was very gratifying.

The Bad - I've had a cold for 17 days.  It is much better now than it was a week ago but I still cough like a person near death after any exercise.  So I haven't been to the gym in all that time.  I'm fearful the pounds are piling on but I can't tell because...

More Bad - our digital scale seems to be broken.  When I get on it (or anyone else gets on it for that matter), the numbers flash seemingly at random, then after a long time it finally settles on a number, again at random, and readouts are not consistent between one weighing and the next a few minutes later.  Much as I would like to weigh 116 pounds, I'm not fooled into believing I really do!  So, I will be shopping for a new scale.  In the meantime, I'll repeat the last set of stats.

The stats:

weight lost this week: ?
weight lost YTD: 8.0 pounds

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