Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Progress on Old Gold and Blue

I started the quilting on Old Gold and Blue.  This the largest quilt I have ever quilted by machine and the sheer size (about 60" by 75") is giving me some trouble.  There is just so much on every side of the needle:  left, right, front, back, makes maneuvering difficult, especially the bulk under the arm of the sewing machine. 

Any tips for dealing with this?

I am so busy this week with work that I probably won't finish this until the weekend.  Hope to be back with a finished quilt soon.

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  1. You're in trouble if the only comment you get is from me, who has never quilted a top in my life....but I did take a class, and we rolled the sides, like a wrapping paper roll....have you tried that? Good Luck!


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