Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Quilt Fest of New Jersey VI

I learned a new quilting term today - SABLE.  It means Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy.  Good one, huh!  I think I'm there!

I learned it from one of the vendors at The Quilt Fest of New Jersey VI, which is at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset through Sunday.  I made a quick visit today, quick because I had to fit it in between various work obligations.  Quick was ok because I was not particularly impressed with the quilts on exhibit this year (the vendors were another matter but I'll get to that later).  The main exhibit at this show is a collection of quilts that were the winners at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, held in February in VA.    While I could admire the workmanship, none of the quilts fell into the "I wish I made that" category for me.  And the other exhibits were a little bit on the arty side for me.

This is a yo-yo quilt.  It was bed size.  Here's a close-up.

I don't have any desire to make a quilt out of yo-yos but I would like to try a pillow.  Another project on my quilting bucket list.

While there were not a lot of vendors as shows go, the ones who were there had what I was looking for.  I actually purchased everything on my shopping list.

I found some orange wool and black wool, and some black buttons; all items I need for the snowman quilt using the pattern I won from Thelma.

I found some more Kaffe Fassett prints that coordinate with the others I have, for the quilt I plan to make "someday."

I want to make one the projects in Stellar Quilts and need more light 30's reproduction prints.  I found these fat quarters that I think will do nicely.

I found this special ruler that was on my shopping list.  Only now I can't remember why it was on my list or which project I need it for!  Oh well, it will come to me eventually.  I'll chalk it up to a blond moment, not old age!  And this little book by Billie Lauder.  I had not seen these before but she has a series of them.  Full of tips and instructions, not actual quilts to make. 

This was my major purchase.  The pattern for the Bow Go Bag, along with the fabric and leather handles.  I saw the jelly roll of batilks, loved the colors (called Ocean Mist) but couldn't think of anything in particular to make with it so put it back (and felt virtuous!).  Then a vendor I came across later had samples made up of the bag along with the pattern.  It is made by putting the fabric over cotton clothesline then sewing it together (similar to the It's A Wrap baskets).  So I bought the pattern then went back to find the vendor with the Ocean Mist jelly roll (only one left when I got there, oh my!), selected the batik yardage for the bag lining and bow, then tracked back to find the vendor with the pre-made leather purse handles.  That vendor is called Quilt Plus and they sell online as well as at shows.  They have a variety leather handles as well as purse handles made of wood, plastic, and metal, and they have the metal purse frames. 

So, I have quite a few projects to keep me busy.  SABLE, definitely SABLE.

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