Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My current quilting project

My current project – my primary project – is Christmas Pickle from Home for the Holidays by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith. I think this book is out-of-print but a separate pattern for Christmas Pickle is available – you can see it here.

I’ve made several quilts from the book and had been meaning to make this one for some time. My LQS was offering a class, which I saw as the perfect inducement to get the quilt made as well as a way to pick up some new skills. This quilt has curved piecing and paper piecing. I’ve done both before but was never formally taught. The class was about four weeks ago and was great for tips and techniques but we barely got a start on the quilt top, despite the class being six hours long. This quilt is very time consuming, but I am enjoying it. I have the entire thing cut out now so it is a matter of sticking with it. I work on the pinwheel blocks (there are 120 of them!) in spare moments and am piecing the arcs when I have longer blocks of time.

Something else really satisfying about this project – I am making it entirely from stash! So far, I haven’t bought any fabric specifically for it though will probably have to purchase fabric for the back.

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  1. Your Christmas Pickle quilt is going to be stunning! Enjoy!

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