Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aerobic Quilting and Podcasts

I’ve acquired Middle Age Metabolism and if I don’t get to the gym at least four times a week, shopping for clothes will cease to be fun. So I dutifully head over to use the elliptical trainer and treadmill. To make it endurable, I take a book (elliptical trainer) and iPod (treadmill). And whenever I can, I listen to quilting podcasts. Annie Smith of Quilting Stash…the first podcast for quilters, is my favorite.

Annie interviews famous quilters, reviews books, talks about techniques and tools, goes to shows I can’t get to (like Houston) and covers it all in a very conversational manner. It’s like meeting a friend for lunch or a cup of coffee, only she does all the talking and I never get a word in edgewise. And while listening, I put a few more miles on the treadmill practically without noticing and can eat more than lettuce for the remainder of the day.

Annie recently spent a week driving from her home in California to her son Ryan’s new home in North Carolina. She visited quilt shops along the way and spend the night with quilty friends, podcasting every evening. Now I know that, should I ever be in the vicinity, the Visitor’s Center in Mississippi is worth a stop. You can find Annie on iTunes (free) and on her site at Check her out and try some aerobic quilting.

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