Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Currently appearing in my bedroom

Over the course of my quilting career, I’ve made several quilts to fit our queen size bed. A couple of my earlier efforts are semi-retired. I keep them for sentimental reasons as they are part of my journey but they no longer meet my standards as my skill has evolved. But I rotate the others between the bed and storage. Currently appearing is this quilt.

I made it following the directions for Hidden Meadows in Floral Bouquet Quilts from In The Beginning by Sharon Evans Yenter, but I made more blocks until big enough for a queen size mattress. The directions in the book call it a “mélange of floral blocks” and that about describes it. It is an excellent stash project because you can mix so many coordinating fabrics, kind of like a Yellow Brick Road though this is more blended.

Floral Bouquet Quilts is an excellent book. I see it is out-of-print but lists some used copies here. The book includes quilts in both the blended and regular styles; I’ve made several.

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