Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ohio Star Variation - Test Block

What did we do for inspiration before the internet?  I am sure I have grown as a quilter largely due to the inspiring example of other quilters I've encountered on the internet, in blogs, flickr, websites. 

My next project was inspired by something Lynn is making. When I saw one of Lynn's earlier posts on this project, the first glimpse of the sashing reminded me that I have been meaning to use that nine-patch sashing/setting in a quilt for quite some time.  I used a variation of it in my Saturday Sampler quilt. 

It dawned on me that it would make a good setting for a star block I saw at a quilt show, a variation on the Ohio Star block that I had been meaning to try.  And I could make the whole thing in reds and greens, for a controlled scrappy Christmas quilt. 

Here is my test block.  Each block has 49 pieces but goes together fairly quickly (and I'm sure I'll get even faster with practice).  The finished size is 10" square.  It will be combined with pieced sashing that is 3" wide.  I am thinking of a 20-block quilt, 4 by 5, with sashing and an outer border.  But I could keep going and make it bed size; not sure yet.

I bought the background fabric, a subtle white snowflake on an off-white ground, but the rest of the fabrics came from stash.  The greens are in the lime family, while the reds are true-red and bluish reds, to better work with the decor in our living room.  After pulling fabric from my stash for this project, I realized I have enough for four or five quilts.  But I won't be making them all right away!

Time to go make more blocks, and maybe think through a tutorial on this block.


  1. What a great block! Love it!

  2. WHat a georgeous quilt block! This quilt is going to be amzing !

  3. Cathy, this block looks great! I can't wait to see your Christmas quilt, and I would love to link to a tutorial for this block if you end up posting one. Thanks for sharing!


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