Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paper Piecing Misty Pine

My first project for Christmas in July is a small paper-pieced wallhanging from a pattern called Misty Pine.  The pattern is from a designer/pattern company called Jeri Kelly.  Jeri has a video tutorial on her site on foundation paper piecing, which tells you what you need to know if you have not done this before.  The instructions in the pattern are probably not enough for someone who is not experienced in this technique.  I use the Carol Doak method when I foundation paper piece; while Carol Doak is pretty much the queen of foundation paper piecing, I can't find a free tutorial from her.  This tutorial at Connecting Threads is pretty good though. 

The pattern includes a full size paper foundation for the tree as well as a separate piece for the top and bottom of the wall hanging.  I made photocopies to preserve the original, just in case I flubbed up. 

These are the tools I use for this technique:  rotary cutter, small add-a-quarter ruler, and a postcard.  Any piece of thin card will work but this postcard for an upcoming quilt show seemed perfect!

I cut out my fabrics per the directions.  While I had a kit, you can see that this could easily be made from scraps, along with a fat quarter or so for the background.  Between the numbering on the paper foundation and the color photo on the cover of the pattern, it was very easy to follow and do each step in order.  Here's the tree, not quite half finished.

And here is the finished tree, with the block trimmed to size.  The tree forms the central part of the wallhanging and is 6" by 10".

It took me only about 90 minutes to get this far.  On to the top and bottom panels!

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  1. Hi Cathy, love the misty pine . I had a kit years ago, now can't find the pattern. Can I buy a copy of the pattern from you? I have searched the internet, can't find it. Please let me know. Laurie Saunders from Maine. or 207-737-2251. Thanks.


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