Friday, July 22, 2011

Auditioning Border Fabric

Sashing complete and main body of quilt sewn together.  I experienced my usual agitation over arranging the blocks:  can't have blocks with the same print too close together, must get the brighter blocks evenly spaced over the quilt....

This part of the quilt is 55" by 68" and Miss Main Street is doing her best to hold it up.  It still needs a border and I am undecided as to what would work best.  I was originally thinking a large print incorporating the reds and greens I used for the star blocks but have vetoed that as too likely to fight with the stars for attention.  I started thinking more subtle green or red prints. 

Option 1

For example, I could use this red tone-on-tone, the same fabric I used in the sashing.

Option 2

Or this green stripe, combining the lime green of the star blocks with a slightly darker green.

Option 3

Or this mini-holly print, which I bought for the blocks but did not use.

Option 4

Or this lime green striped tone on tone.

Option 5

Or this large green floral tone-on-tone.

Option 6

Then I thought, how about repeating the background, kind of like putting a wide white mat around the quilt.  I am leaning towards this option at the moment (but could change my mind any minute!), and using the red for the binding.  But I also like Option 5 for the border with Option 4 for the binding. 

Decisions, decisions...Please share your opinion if you have one.


  1. You could make 6 quilts because they are all fabulous options! LOL! I know, not funny. :-) I like options 6 then 5. I think option 1 with the red border would look pretty if you used the background fabric as a containment border then the red. Like a floating border. The red in the nine patches would stand out more. Just an idea. Can't go wrong with any of them!

  2. It's hard to really make a choice but I think I like the darker green stripe. I would make all the stripes either parallel or perpendicular to each side and miter the corners. Actually, I like all the greens!

  3. I think a green fabric(a little darker than option 2) with some red in it would look nice. You already have a lot of red in the quilt so if your border fabric was more green with touches of red, well, I think that would tie it all together nicely.


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