Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Misty Pine Finished

I finished Misty Pine.  It is a small wallhanging at 7.5" by 22" and perfect for a long, narrow spot that needs a little something.

After paper piecing the center tree, I appliqued the top and bottom panels using fusible web.  

I used a very narrow zig zag stitch on my machine along the edges of the red swoosh.  The curves were not difficult to handle but the tiny, pointy pieces were tricky. 

After sewing the panels to the top and bottom, I layered the top on a piece of batting, with a layer of heavier weight interfacing underneath.  Then I sewed the side strips on and trimmed the batting/interfacing to be 1/4 inch smaller than the top.  I put the backing face down on the top, sewed around the four sides, leaving an opeing of about five inches for turning, turned, pressed, and hand stitched the opening closed. 

The addition of the interfacing (not called for in the pattern) gives it some added weight and stiffness that I think will help keep the edges from curling and keep it hanging straight on the wall.  It is still very light in weight so I hung it up using a strip of doubled masking tape on the back.  I think poster putty would work also.  Another way to hang something like this is a decorative wire hanger, like those from Ackfeld Wire.  This option would require loops for hanging added in the upper edge seam. 

That's my first Christmas project finished.  Tomorrow, I'll show you the start of Project 2.

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  1. Very pretty wall hanging Cathy! You are really going to enjoy having it on display. Now that our company has left, I can get back to work on my projects.


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