Monday, December 13, 2010

About Those Bags From The Dry Cleaner

It is time to get my sewing room cleaned up so it can be used as a guest room for my mother during her upcoming visit over Christmas.  I started the process yesterday, with a little organization of upcoming projects.  

My dry cleaner uses these bags for sweaters.  (The graphics are either charmingly retro or have not been updated since 1963.) 

I'm recycling the bags into project bags.  I found they are just the right size to hold all the component parts (except batting) and the snap at the top keeps it secure.  This bag has my Aster Manor project, including the pattern and a spool of thread I bought to match the background fabric.

This one has all the parts for my Halloween spiderweb quilt.  I wanted to keep all the parts together, so I don't accidentally use the fabric I bought for one quilt in another project.  Most of these fabric collections are not widely available any longer (because I get carried away and buy more than I can possibly make).

I now have seven of these bags lined up with projects organized for 2011.  I'll be keeping busy in the new year!

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  1. That's a great storage idea! Too bad I rarely get things dry cleaned.


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