Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Miss Rosie's Brand New Day Quilt - Finished In The Nick Of Time!

Yes, I finished the binding on my version of Brand New Day, which I'm calling Christmas Day

Miss Main Street was standing on a chair, holding up the quilt for me to take the photo, but her armspan is not quite as wide as the quilt itself.  But that is the best picture I could get.

I'm really happy with how this quilt turned out.  If you recall, I was doing the piecing in July, during my Christmas in July project immersion.  I used my hoarded collection of Robyn Pandolph fabrics, probably 5+ years old so impossible to obtain additional matching yardage and I had to work with what I had on hand.  So had to make a little modification to the pattern, which has you using the same fabric for both the border and unpieced blocks.  But what's a quilting project without a little "modification" to the pattern directions!

The star blocks are a variation on Ohio Star and I really like them.  I'll probably use them again in another quilt sometime.  Here, you can see how the quilter handled the star blocks.  The unpieced blocks are quilted with a different motif, a sort of star/wreath combo, but I could not get a good photo because of the busy-ness of the fabric print.  

Kari Ruedisale did the quilting; I am delighted with her work.  I learned about Kari on Minick and Simpson's blog.  I figured if Kari was quilting for a professional, quilts that are seen by the universe of quilting professionals at Quilt Market, she must be good, so I contacted her about doing something for me.  In fact, Kari squeezed two of my quilts into her schedule and you will be seeing the other one soon.

Christmas Day is now part of our Christmas season decorating, ready for a snuggle in the living room.  But I am thinking of putting it on the guest room bed for my mother's arrival. 


  1. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great job and great name! I love this pattern, thanks for the close-up shot of the block. Isn't it amazing what those little corners do for that block, that Carrie, she's one clever girl.

    I'm sure you will enjoy Christmas Day each year you get it out, it is just lovely!

  3. Beautiful Quilt!! I have never made a Christmas Quilt so that is on my list this year. I have to shop the after Christmas sales because I don't have any Christmas fabris in my statch. Merry Christmas to all.

  4. OK, now I have another quilt to add to my To Do list! That turned out smashingly wonderful!!! Don't you love being able to finally use those great Robyn Pandolph fabrics? People would do anything to get their hands on those.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. I too, have a cherished pile of Folk Art Christmas from Robyn Pandolph. I know exactly what I want to do with it, I just don't have the guts to actually cut into it yet! Yours is beautiful. Enjoyy it during the holidays.


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