Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ready To Go

Over the weekend, I pieced the backs for Christmas Day and Cider Mill.  In both cases, I had yardage for the backs but not quite enough.  So I had to do some creative piecing to get to the required size.  In the case of Cider Mill, it allowed me to use up some leftovers from piecing the top, and I pieced the label right into the back too.  Christmas Day has a band of contrast fabric running between two pieces of the dark green floral print.  In both cases, I think the backs look modern, and thrifty, and nifty!

You'll see these two again, when they are all finished!

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  1. You've been busy! I love it when you can make a backing from your stash! Looking forward to seeing these in the "ready to bind" stage. Have you decided on a quilting pattern yet?


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