Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poetry by April Cornell Needs A New Home

I've been a "serious" quilter for about 15 years now and my taste in projects has definitely changed over the years. Of course, part of it is becoming more proficient and being able to tackle more complicated piecing. And a good part of it has to do with the fabrics available. There is so much more variety available now: larger scale prints, more sophisticated colors that match the trends in fashion and home dec, as well as broader fabric lines that make it easier to coordinate a set of prints for a single project.

My earliest quilts used just a few, carefully coordinated fabrics - for example, three in a Double Irish Chain or seven in a Log Cabin quilt. I was not really into the scrappy look, which was good because I did not have a stash yet!

But early on, I was bitten by the Watercolor bug, a technique that required a vast supply of different prints, cut for the most part into 2" squares. I joined a watercolor fabric swap coordinated via email and mailed in USPS Priority Mail envelopes every month. It was the beginning of my stash. Up to that point, the fabric I had on hand was merely leftovers from other projects. My Watercolor projects increased my comfort with using a variety of fabrics, and my other projects began to include a broader range of prints.

I was mentally reflecting on how my taste and interests have changed over my quilting life as I was cleaning out my stash closet. Like all serious quilters, I have a few kits and UFOs that don't really interest me any longer. Maybe they need a new home.

Like this one: April Cornell Poetry Collection kit from Moda. When I bought this at my LQS a couple of years ago, I was really excited about it, loved the colors and paisley and floral prints, thought the basketweave effect of the piecing was fabulous. But I was in the middle of another project so I put it away for a while. And it never came out again. I don't know what happened. I look at this and I like it but I'm not excited. And the colors are not a good match for my home anyway.

So, I'm offering it for sale here. Included are the fabric covered box (12" x 7" x 4" deep) holding the fabric to piece the top and the instruction sheet, plus the yardage I bought to complete the quilt - 3.5 yards of the yellow paisley for backing and 1.5 yards of woven coral stripe for the binding (there is enough to substitute this for the pintucked coral for the inner border). The finished quilt is 52" x 52". Colors are coral pink, yellow, pale green, and aqua.

The price tag is still on the kit (originally $65) and the yardage for the back and binding must have run at least $8 per yard - so over $100 value. But I will send it to a good home for $75, including postage in USA (extra charge for actual cost if going elsewhere). Just leave a comment or email me if you are interested and I will send you an invoice via Paypal.


  1. Oh My! I hope you still have this for sale!!! Please let me know if this is still available. Thank you so much!

    Susan Vaughn

  2. Is your April Cornell poetry still available? I'm in the middle of a project that I started several years ago - and could use this! Please let me know.

  3. Have you sold this April cornell Poetry Collection? I am interested in purchasing it.


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