Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In The Studio

I spent many hours sewing this weekend in my studio (my husband calls it the sweatshop), working on my strip pieced blocks. There is a quite a mess to show for it!

I had the strips very carefully separated by width into small bags, but along the way, they got quite mixed up. That's okay; the idea is to take a strip and sew it on without worrying too much about your choice. I moved the bags from the sewing table to the floor at my feet so I can reach down and grab a strip as I need it. Seems to work rather well, as long as I don't get concerned about the mess on the floor. We don't have cats and Reggie, the corgi, rarely comes in here.

Here's a pile of completed blocks. 60 down, 84 to go!

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  1. What great blocks! Good job. I wish I got a chance to work on stuff. Lately things have been Crazzzyyyy!

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