Friday, November 6, 2009

Need To Make A Christmas Gift, Part 1 - Easy, Fast Quilt with Big Impact

This is Nosegay, very quick to make and easy too! If you are thinking " a quilt would make a nice Christmas gift for Fill-In-Name-Here but how will I ever get it finished in time," this is your solution. It is also the perfect showcase for a large-scale print you love.

I made Nosegay using a pattern called Pennsylvania Pasture, from Endless Mountains Quiltworks. A moderately experienced quilter could make this without a pattern but I fell for the fabric in their booth at a quilt show so bought the pattern and yardage on the spot.

Here's a close-up of the corner. Because I was using a stripe, I mitered the corner of the inner border but you would not need to do that if you used another print. Or, you could place a cornerstone block in the corner.

The scalloped outer border adds a bit of specialness to an otherwise simple design. Binding the scallops is easier than it looks.

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  1. Really, really lovely, Cathy! A lot of gorgeous impact!


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