Saturday, October 31, 2009

Progress on Strip Blocks

Blogs have a been a big source of quilting inspiration for me and I got the idea for my current project after seeing strip-pieced blocks and finished tops around blogland. I am using paper foundations, 8.5" square, with a strip of solid white (Kona Cotton in white) for the center of each block.

I use a glue stick to hold the white strip in place in the center then begin sewing strips to each side of the center strip.

Even very small scraps are useful for the corners. This is what a block looks like after all the strips are attached.

Then I use my 8.5" Creative Grids ruler to trim to size. Having a ruler the exact size of the block is handy. That's one reason I chose to use a 8.5" square. I had the ruler from another proejct and my inner frugal gal likes that the cost is now being amortized over another project!
Here's what it looks like when the blocks are put together.

11 blocks down, 133 to go!

If you would like a more detailed tutorial, you will find one here at FilmInTheFridge.

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  1. Wonderful tutorial :-)
    It's going to be a sweet quilt - I love string quilts and usually use a muslin foundation. I'm going to have show the Fall one I have hanging in my entry - it's a definite favorite of mine. Thank you for sharing!


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