Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Singer Sew Handy - Vintage Child's Sewing Machine

I mentioned in my last post that I recently visited my mom at her home in Michigan.  She's been doing some cleaning out, with thoughts of an eventual move to some kind of  "senior" living, and she came across this very old Singer Sew Handy child's sewing machine.  She knows it came from her parents' house but does not recall ever using it as a child.  My mom is not a crafter and does not sew and her own mom sewed only out of necessity during the Depression and WWII.  But Mom's own grandmothers were handy with a needle and one of them may have given this to her for a birthday or Christmas present.

It is an entirely metal machine, heavy for its size (cast iron I think), and works with a hand crank (the turn wheel on the right side).  It uses thread on the top, but not a bobbin, and sews a sort of chain stitch that appears to be formed by a looping mechanism from underneath.  

I took this photo with the rotary cutter to give you an idea of how small it is.  Also see below, where each square on the grid is 1 inch.

I looked for a date on the machine itself and on the booklet but did not find one.  I found a little history of the machines on a website and conclude mine was made after 1926 (makes sense as Mom was born in 1934).

While I can't see actually using this to sew, it is a fun little thing to have in my studio.  Please leave a comment if you know anything more about these machines.

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  1. Only thing more I know is that I have one just like it! I was born in 1947 so suspect I received it as a gift in the early 50's. My Mom made most of my clothes so she probably thought she could keep me occupied with my own sewing machine while she was working on the "real" Singer.

  2. I received mine for my 6th birthday in 1960. I still have it on my shelf although the working machine caused me more frustration than pleasure back then. I did try to create doll clothes with my mother's help but she found it frustrating too. The upshot of this frustration was that she taught me to use her full size Singer at a young age and I've been sewing ever since.

  3. Oh boy -- what a treasure -- it's so cute. And your Mom is the same age as mine. ;-D

  4. I have this same machine! It is from the 1950's, I got mine when I was about 7 or 8, so that would have been maybe 1956 or 57. It does a chain stitch. Haven't used it since I was a child, not sure if needles are available anymore,.

  5. Hi Cathy, My mother saved change in a jar until there was enough money for her to buy one for me.I think it was in 1959. I don't know how to post pictures to show mine.That little V-shaped indentation on the front bottom was where you used something like a C clamp to attach it to a table to hold it in place.In your other picture you can see a tiny hole on the bed of the machine.That is where you could attach a tiny seam gauge.


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