Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini Quilt Inspiration

I was talking to a work colleague about quilting and it turns out she and her husband collect miniature quilts, especially those made by Kate Adams.  You have to take a look at her website!   These quilts are incredibly small; for example, Maine Pine is only 9" square, so what size are the half square triangles?  Mind boggling!

I'd like to make a small quilt or two but I have something in mind more like Lori Smith's small quilts.  Or possibly one normal block, framed.  The smallest pieces must be at least as big as my fingernails!  But, oh!  I love Kate Adams' mini quilts!


  1. These mini-quilts are extraordinary! I just finished a 25" square quilt -- 3-1/2" log cabin blocks with each log finished at 1/2" -- gigantic compared to some of these. The center squares are about the size of my thumbnail, so I guess they count! Not very well done, but it came out OK: Good luck!

  2. I have admired her work for years, would love to own one!


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