Friday, March 8, 2013

Globe Trotting

My Many trips Around the World quilt is finished, well finished to the flimsy stage.  I'm calling this one Globe Trotting. 

This quilt is made up of 1,681 2" squares (that finish at 1.5"); it is 62 inches square, a good size for my reading chair.  I'll bind it in the raspberry solid I used for the lattice.  All the other fabrics are from various Fig Tree Quilts fabric collections.

Making this quilt was not difficult but thank goodness for my design wall; I don't think I could have done it without one.  Well I could have done it but I might not have stayed sane.

I will try to have a tutorial covering exactly how I did ready next week.


  1. Oh, very nice top and looks happy and will be comfortable.

  2. That is just lovely. And Fig Tree... Need I say more?

  3. That turned out beautiful! Will be anxiously waiting to hear how you did it. I want to make one but want to learn how to make one that's not entirely "scrappy". Love yours!!

  4. Oh I just love this one, its a good size for my favorite wing back chair to sit in and watch tv too.
    can't wait for the tutorial on how you made it
    thanks for sharing

  5. Such a beauty! The colors are so pretty.

  6. Absolutely breathtaking! After seeing yours I really want to make one also.


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