Friday, May 4, 2012

Modern Quilts Illustrated - New Publication

I am a regular reader of Craft Nectar, the blog written by Weeks Ringle.  I recently responded to a request for bloggers to review Modern Quilts Illustrated, the new publication she is producing with her husband, Bill Kerr.  Together, they run Modern Quilt Studio (formerly called Fun Quilts) and have been on the leading edge of the modern quilt movement. 

My review copy arrived earlier this week. 

Wow!  This is a high quality publication, full of ideas shown off by great photography on heavy paper stock.  Not really a magazine (there isn't any advertising) but more than a pattern booklet (there is editorial content in addition to the patterns), Modern Quilts Illustrated does its own thing, much like its founders. 

Issue #1 has three patterns (there will be three patterns in every issue).  Each pattern has a photgraph of the finished quilt (quilted, bound, and in use), along with graphic images showing alternative colorways.  This is a great concept that illstrates how different color combinations can result in a completely different look. I think it will encourage quilters to think of their own alternatives, though if a reader wants to recreate the original quilt as shown, detailed fabric information is given.  And there are kits available on the website.  Still Life with Pears (the cover quilt) is going on my list!

There is quilt-related editorial in addition to the patterns.  The Cutting Table is a two-page spread of tips and inspiration, including directions for making a design wall in this issue.  Another regular feature, Palette Chasing, covers color combinations inspired by the world around us.  The final article is on the use of fleece and plush (like Minkee) as quilt backing fabric. 

Modern Quilts Illustrated has plenty to appeal to this tradtional quilter.  If, like me, you are increasingly drawn to a more contemporary look, I think you will find this publication helpful.  If you have already embraced the modern quilt movement, you are sure to love it!  Subscription information can be found on the website here.  I've signed up and am looking forward to Issue #2.

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