Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Finished Flimsy

It's a finished flimsy, finally, and ready to go to the longarm quilter as soon as I piece the backing.  Maybe this weekend.

I intended to finish this one even sooner but we are in the midst of end of school year busy-ness here on Main Street.  I just got Miss Main Street off to her school's prom.  Wow, does she look gorgeous, and so grown up.  And so excited.  I can't imagine what it will be like next year when she is a senior. 

Anyway, back to the all came together quite easily, though a few intersections of blocks are less than perfect matches.  I like the border fabric a lot.  I started with wider borders (10") but trimmed them down to 8" when I decided the wider size was overpowering the blocks. One of my personal guidelines is, when in doubt about size, make the border width match the block size.  It seems to work well.  

Now I need a name for this one.  Any suggestions?


  1. What a fun looking top.

  2. I love the top! How about Chocolate Covered ...(something)... Strawberries? Wow, just made myself hungry!

  3. cute quilt.. I am horrible at naming quilts
    I am with you if I put borders on they usually are the size of the block or close to it...



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