Monday, May 14, 2012

Magic Eight Square On The Design Wall

I finished all my magic eight square blocks and have them on the design wall.

The border fabric is the dark purple floral print.  (The outer edge of the four blocks running diagonally in the lower left corner - may look black or dark brown on your screen - is actually a dark purple/eggplant color.)   Sewing the blocks together will be my work night activity this week. 

Most of the fabric in the blocks came from a layer cake of Recently Arrived From London by Barbara Brackman for Moda.  I supplemented it with some leftover layer cake squares from Collections for  a Cause Legacy and some red in my stash.  (In case you missed it, my previous post included a tutorial for the blocks.)  I think it is best made using a layer cake from a collection with a limited color palette - think Rouenneries, Blueberry Crumb Cake, Friendship Collections for a Cause, or the upcoming Independence Trail from Minick and Simpson or Phenomenal Fall from Sandy Gervais. 

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  1. I love it! The red and purple make a nice effect. I have some layer cakes in my stash. I will have to put one of these on my list.


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